My name is Gill Heaton and my husband Mike and I have been breeding cats for over 18 years (previously breeding Bengals and Savannahs)  We are based in Suffolk and are proud to share our home with these lovely felines.   

I discovered TOYGERS whilst recovering from a back operation and fell in love with the breed.  Our first TOYGER Aztec gave us some of the most wonderful kittens, many of whom became Champions and above at TICA shows.  She has the title of Outstanding Dam.   She was the foundation of our breeding programme and has a lifetime place in our hearts (what a sweet girl she is).  TOYGERS have the most wonderful, laid back temperament.   They bond easily with us humans and steal our hearts no matter what they get up to.   They are inquisitive love nothing more than being cuddled up on your lap.  

Over the years our love of this breed has grown unfortunately not our bank account    We have spent many years promoting this breed.  Attending shows in the UK, Europe and even in the USA.    We have achieved great success and now have 4 Supreme Grand Champions in our cattery.

All our babies are born in either the nursery or my bedroom, most times the latter.  Lots of very long nights staying up with the mums to ensure that no problems occur and more importantly that they have me as a support.

The two core elements in our programme is health and temperament.   

I am at present the Chairman on the Toyger Cat Club (GCCF affiliated Club)

Since breeding Toygers I have developed a great interest in cats in general and 8 years ago I got involved in the development of the Marguerite where we used a Sandcat with a selected domestic cat to produce this particular breed of cat (see Marguerite breed for further information).

We sometimes have kittens available which will not be part of the breeding programme - so keep checking the site.