The TOYGER is the creation of Judy Sugden from the USA who had a vision of breeding a domestic cat which resembled a Tiger.  This remarkable breed was bred to be an indoor cat basically for apartment dwellers.    It has taken many, many years to develop the look and as breeders we are still striving to reach that final goal.     The TOYGER is a MEDIUM sized cat with a striking tiger like pattern.   The coat is super, super soft, with a  silk-like texture.   The fur should be highly glittered giving off  gold sparkles in the sunshine.     

These cats have remarkable temperament and just love to be loved.  They fit easily into home life and as I have said many times you do not own a TOYGER it owns you.

We are happy to be associated with Toyger Cats USA and the GCCF.

Here in the UK we are one of the first TOYGER breeders and have spent many years perfecting the breed by selection and are still  working hard to reach the ultimate goal.

We fully support the work of the organisations who work hard to save the Tigers from being extinct.